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A St. Catherine of Siena School Student is:




A Committed Christian who Demonstrates Mutual Respect

  • We respect the dignity of like according to Catholic teachings
  • We make positive, moral choices.
  • We participate in liturgical services and prayer
  • We serve the community through service learning projects.


An Enthusiastic Learner Who Solves Problems Creatively

  • We resolve conflicts nonviolently.
  • We think critically and independently.
  • We adapt readily to change.
  • We read for enjoyment and learning.


A Responsible Communicator Who Listens Attentively

  • We demonstrate attentive listening by using eye contact, positive body language, and follow-up questions.
  • We use verbal and nonverbal appreciations in the classroom, playground, and community.
  • While using technology, we are on task and using equipment properly


An Involved Citizen Who Honors the Right to Pass and Participate

  • We accept accountability for our actions
  • We respect cultural diversity
  • We participate in the democratic process.
  • We care for the environment by recycling, composting, and not littering